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Puppies are sold only to loving and active homes, where the dogs are members of family.

All Pet Pursuit - puppies are:
- Registered to the Finnish Kennel Club
- Dewormed
- Microshipped (ISO-standard)

- Fed with high-quality food
- Health checked by vet (certificate)
- Ready to their new homes 7-8 weeks old
- When exporting, including EU-passport, Export pedigree and needed vaccinations.

With all the puppies I also give a puppy package (familiar food, care instructions etc.) and the breeder's lifetime support. We will refund specified amount from the price of the puppy once the dog have official examinations (silkies knees + eyes and tt's hips + eyes) no less than 24 months old.

We want to hear actively about our puppies and to stay involved with our puppies thru their lives. I also want to meet face to face with the buyer before making any decisions. If you are interested in our litter, please contact us first by e-mail, and tell us more about yourself, your wishes and goals for your potential puppy and yourself. Don't forget to let us know what it is that you want in your potential breeder.

Primarily we hope for active homes. No compulsion for exhibition, but we do hope to find co-operative homes, so we could hear from our bred dogs during their whole life.

Before you decide to purchase a dog please take a little time to yourself and answer honestly to a few questions:
- Can you and do you want to take your dog along to your holiday? - If you do not, then where is it? Who takes care of it?
- Do you have enough time for your dog? - How about a year, three, five or ten years from now?
- Are all family members willing to take a dog - and sacrifice to achieve this?
- Do you have the economic conditions, not just to buy a dog, but also invest in it's upkeep? - Food, vet, vacation-time care and other such cost quite a bit.
- Are you ready to accept the dog as a full member of the family even though you would not have own children?
- Are you sure that you never lose your patience, and that you protect dog for other family members' impatience?

All our puppies are guaranteed puppies.

Check out our available & planned litters fromĀ puppies - page.

It is good to remember that a dog isn't asked to come to you.
You wanted yourself to have it into your home as a familymember.
Do not forget to treat it with this idea in mind, determinedly but with love.